Pt 1 of a season to forget 🧠

Once again I confess not to be a writer but more of a discoverer. I don’t like even reading but instead tracking and smelling the air of a place.

Yet I didn’t think this would be how it would happen.

About a year and a half ago I got a concussion. Yes it sounds like nothing but that’s the kitty pool version of a brain injury.

Chronic pain is now my closest friend and the memory of weightless youth and concerts are gone.

Now a prayer I seemed to pray cane true. Playing basketball with a bunch of strong guys like I was a teenager the night before the tragic moment my prayer was….God how long will I run from your purpose of me being here in Florida.

Another prayer I had a year early every time I saw someone in a wheelchair was how do they feel God. As I walked down isles with a former girlfriend who was so perfect I would ask God why do I get health and her while others suffer. Some of whom don’t even know you. ✝️🙏🏽

To be continued…..

In Christ,


Holy Weekend

I have a question for the biblical learners about the three days between Good Friday and Resurrection Day. Something that brought me back to God and still does every day is the perspective of Jesus in regards to affliction/suffering. My life has been easy and peaceful in so many ways but what about the starving child or little one stuck in trafficking? Where is the justice of them being seen and fully understood.
Since Jesus was “dead” for three days, where was he exactly?Is it possible that he was in hell for three days? Fully experiencing every hardship we go through including the most painful indescribable ones listed above. Was that the flashes he had on the cross or did the Father just know all. If there was three days in hell it only expands my view of the resurrection because he took the keys back. A God who literally conquered the grave yet knows the struggle of sin and death here on earth with full empathy. The diety of Jesus is so real and since he is all knowing I’d think there would be a time of recognition and climax. Then culminating in the Holy moment of an empty tomb which leads us to worshiping still today a humble powerful GOD. Just some thoughts.


My Generalizations & Inductive Bible Study

My generalizations were taken away in Inductive Bible Study. I went in thinking a New Testament School would solve all my problematic questions. However what it did was, reveal my sin and bring me to a mountain top to worship.

That is kind of ironic because I literally came from the Smokey Mountains to Flat Flordia. We sometimes come in with expectations and when we give God an inch of obedience He can send you around the world. Sometimes literal and sometimes figuratively.

Coming from a rural area you could learn to think from one point of view. With the exception being visitors from abroad but your still the majority. Being in Orlando I found myself a bit out my element and surrounded by many more different points of view. No longer in leadership of any kind but embarking on learning from six thousand years of leadership in history. You could call it the failing of man and THE Greatness of God.

We studied Philippians where the war heroes of Rome, if I can remember would be taken care of there, but Paul emphatically says “your citizenship is in heaven.” Not the security of a Nation.

Being a political child of sorts I grew up doing silent protests outside planned parenthood clinics. While later going to an amazing private school funded likely by generous conservative Christians (mainly Dad :). This established a degree of optimism for what the world could be which is good. Yet we aren’t called just to live here but are legally adopted with a home in heaven as children with God our Father. That pretty much slapped anything Trump MAGA out of me when it comes to security in the money and policies. He’s defunding abortion clinics and yes Pence gave tax credits for Private School to teach truth and this is good. But Christ is still coming to make right for all. My generalizations are being wrecked because being right without humility is pride and against the God who will rule all nations.

Revelation, can be seen as the long scary book where Jesus is ticked and fire consumes people, but after reading it in one sitting you can see what it meant to those first hearing it. Yes, Jesus will come in authority, but the messages to churches are for the one “who conquers” figuratively and has “patient endurance”. These are letters of hope to Christians who are struggling with sin and or persecution against the very truth believers stand for today. So when the climax of Revelation twelve comes its not just about a harlot woman and fierce dragon like the heading might say but a child who is spared “to rule all nations.” The only generalization that I read in the book is that Jesus is king and no one can’t stand against. There is a call for us to be apart of a Kingdom that is to come.

I’ve decided to cut this writing short, while just noticing that those were the first and last books of the semester we studied. As I’ve said before, much of life is isn’t black and which but brown off white. How you are acting doesn’t have to be who your going to be and the generalizations you may have could be taken from you for the better.

In reference to Philippians and Revelation we can say “our citizenship is in heaven”, “come Lord Jesus”


All Done

There is too much to just write in one post, but I am so thankful to be finished with the New Testament Inductive School.

Our last book was Revelation and although we don’t have all the answers as to what everything means in it. What we do know is that Jesus message to the seven churches is full of warnings and encouragement for the original audience but also a challenge for our gatherings today. That there are two kingdoms and we have the opportunity to be on one that says “Come Lord Jesus.”

Moving a life down to Flordia had its difficulties but the generosity believers literally showed up in forms of encouragement mail, money, borrowing cars and my Internship letting me clean closets then giving me a job.

I’m literally emotionally exhausted but so thankful. It sounds simple but my greatest take away was “the mystery of the supremacy of Christ.”

In times throughout history people have payed money, blood, time to find the truths of life. Now more than ever I am amazed at Christ from ages past. Even observing the past present and future tenses will blow your mind in the detail that is in the Bible.

It wasn’t the easiest season in most ways but my prayer is that is reaps a fruitful harvest in the future. Be encouraged that we serve of living God and have access through his son Jesus. Remind yourselves of that and the world. 🌎✝️

A Beginning

Hello everyone,

Writing this after I just finished my inductive bible study homework. It’s funny even saying that considering this is a dream come true to be living this out. Some people would say….well you could have read your bible anywhere or say that its just a missionary competitive pursuit. All I know is that its been worth every dime and the chaos of moving to the edge of the country haha.

Now with that being said I’ve realized more than anything that CHRIST is the perfect KING and I am just one of the people he gave His life for.

It hasn’t even been two weeks & I’m still being refined as we all will be till glory.

I just want to say a quick thank you to all who sent me off. Not just over the last few months but for my lifetime. The family of Christ is evident throughout the world. I’ve seen, heard and felt when people have obeyed God in when He’s calling.

Be praying for continued revelation of Christ, calling for future, praying for a consistent full time job here and just whatever else comes to mind.

Love you all in the name of our Lord Jesus.

Seth Stradling

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Hello everyone,

Writing this after I finished my inductive bible study homework. It’s funny even saying that considering its a dream come true to be living this. Some people would say well you could of read your bible anywhere or say that its just a missionary competitive pursuit. All I know is that its been every dime and chaos of moving to the edge of the country.

Now with that being said I’ve realized more than anything that CHRIST is the perfect KING and I am just one of the people he gave his life for. Thankfulness and amazement at my pride as well as that we rage against Him.

Also it hasn’t even been to weeks so I’m still being refined as we all with be till glory.

I just want to say a quick thank you to all who sent me off. Not just over the least few months but my life. The family of Christ is evident and in the through the world. I’ve seen, heard and felt when people obey God in calling.

Be praying for continued revelation of Christ, calling for future, praying for a more consistent full time job here and just whatever comes to mind.

Love you all in the name of our Lord Jesus.

Seth Stradling

Transition is Evident 

“Once upon a time”, about nine years ago, I asked God, at midnight on News Years, to see and behold the purpose in EVERY area of my life that seemed to be in ashes. 
This brought me to Europe, the Middle East, Latin islands and all over the East Coast. My two “homes” were, for the most part, bunk beds with roommates from around the world from every walk of life. I lived bordering the hoods where Malcomb X hung out in the past and then the woods by the Appalachian trail with the country folk. Not to mention the random sleeping arrangements while I found my self sleeping on planes, floors, as well as a big nice bed every once in a while. However I’m not complaining, My mother used to tell me that we were good gypsies and my Dad wanted me to travel since I was a baby. So they set me up for this life of pilgrimage, but only God could come up with the purpose in every “season.”Now I find myself with a lovely girl Yuri (light of God/Lily -meaning) who has truly shown shown light in every corner of my life. God’s used this flower to bring me into a new season of responsibility. 

So here I am in my first month not working for a non profit, doing much of the same things but with new people. Carrying on the cause of Christ into every situation in my life and praying for my heavenly Father’s will to be done, not mine. 

“To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven:

A time to be born, And a time to die; A time to plant, And a time to pluck what isplanted;

A time to kill, And a time to heal; A time to break down, And a time to build up;

A time to weep, And a time to laugh; A time to mourn, And a time to dance;

A time to cast away stones, And a time to gather stones; A time to embrace, And a time to refrain from embracing;

A time to gain, And a time to lose; A time to keep, And a time to throw away;

A time to tear, And a time to sew; A time to keep silence, And a time to speak;

A time to love, And a time to hate; A time of war, And a time of peace.”

Everything Has Its Time” Ecclesiastes 3

I will pray the same for you in whatever “season” you find yourself in. There is purpose and there is CHRIST, the one in your evident transition. – seth stradling ✝️

Missouri far from “home”

I’ve been trying to hire journalists to write down ideas I have but no takers😂. So here is some observance of the children of the USA  🇺🇸and much of us having a heart problem that is curable. ♥️Have to put my money where my mouth is, or may I say lack of money. Here I find myself in Missouri also known as a fly over state. Trump appealed to these people who are hard working and seem to like their families in the midst of tiny tornado towns. Hillary forgot to appeal to the forgotten majority who is feeding this country🇺🇸 and fighting culture wars not each other. Now that may of been offensive or a wrong interpretation but this is my point I’m next.✔️

People often dis the church for not doing their part but here I am in the midst of a form of desert seeing a side of the church✝️ that I’ve never recognized. My girlfriend 👗👧🏾is had a modeling gig and staying in a free hotel while I forgot to bring any bedding. So my first night was on a bunk bed with a sweatshirt as cover🌕. (I slept good though cause I’m a gypci 😉

Waking up I realize these adults are all volunteers. Adults with nothing to do but serve these 98 young kids 8-12 while training about 15 teenagers to care for the little ones. 

For less than daycare and whatever else baby sitting pays these kids for $90 are challenged and really discipled. To have good innocent fun and while hearing the gospel from every direction. The teenage counselors open and close the day having to lead devos 24/7. I’ve heard a pastor say that if teenagers🎉 can do pre calculus they understand the word of God. 📜 They are sharing their lives and the cost is total surrender this week for Christ. 

For His glory we live and breath. The church is active and children have and always will be a blessing. Don’t fear when God is doing a new thing in your life like dropping you in the middle of a jr kids camp. It may be new but you will see our creators mercy from generation to generation. God makes us grow. 🌏🌍🌎🌲☘️🌷🍃


Was in Hebron today. Which means friend because Abraham was a friend of God. This area is a place of much tension and disagreement in politics. Lots to process as well as so much to see. Many photos will wait to be posted as we heard both sides from a Jew and Palestinian. #israel #palestinian #hebron #usa #politics #travel #christmas #picoftheday #zion #christian #Jesusistheanswer

1st Day Travel 

I have finally “been profiled” (probs not the politically correct term sry) and liked it. In Paris which I heard is tough anyway searched and asked a million questions (I think it was Israeli airport people- my first friends 🙂). Even was brought to a small private room. The fact that I’d been through Malaysia and was in Indonesia which are primarily Muslim nations didn’t help my case😬. Honestly I thoroughly enjoyed it even though they put a hold on my Appalachian Trail bag which will be sent to me tomorrow. I was able to preach the ✝️Christian gospel and tell them all about my life just by answering questions hehe. Plus I got to hang out with some people of importance who really care about their nation🇮🇱. #minority #truth #travel #israel